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Adlai Stevenson confronting the Soviets with photographic evidence of missiles in Cuba at the UN. Conflict (War & Police Actions)

The United States has been involved in many wars, conflicts and operations using military air operations. Air combat operations before, and since the official conception of the USAF include:

World War I as Aviation Section, U.S. Signal Corps
World War II as United States Army Air Forces
Cold War
Korean War
Vietnam War
Operation Eagle Claw (1980 Iranian Hostage Rescue)
Operation Urgent Fury (1983 US Invasion of Grenada)
Operation El Dorado Canyon (1986 US Bombing of Libya)
Operation Just Cause (1989-1990 US Invasion of Panama)
Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm (1990-1991 Persian Gulf War)
Operation Southern Watch (1992-2003 Iraq No-Fly Zone)
Operation Deliberate Force (1995 NATO bombing in Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Operation Northern Watch (1997-2003 Iraq No-Fly Zone)
Operation Allied Force (1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia)
Operation Enduring Freedom (2001-present Afghanistan War)
Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003-present Iraq War)
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 Air Defense Alert 7 Dec 1950
 Damage Assessment of Hiroshima 8 Aug 45
 Defense Against Atomic Bomb 18 Sep 46
 FEAF Intelligence Roundup- Korean Armistice
 Gen MacArther est in Japan and Proj A movement 4 Sept 45
 Intel for Use of Second A-Bomb Against Japan 8 Aug 45
 Korean War Propaganda
 LeMay Recommend use of A-bombs on Japanese Fleet 14 Sep 46
 LeMay SM-1201-59 AF Cold War activities
 Little Boy Prep and Mission 20 July 45
 Message from General Yudkin to General Martin 1 Apr 65
 Passive Defense Against Atomic Bomb 18 Sep 46
 Postwar A-Bomb Program LeMay 30 Aug 45
 Recon of Nagaski 9 Aug 45
 Southeast Asia Situation Report with Supplemental
 US Press quoting Japanese re- Hiroshima 5 Sept 45
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