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A declassified photo of an experimental aircraft built in the 1960s. UFOs

Unidentified flying object (commonly abbreviated as UFO or U.F.O.) is the popular term for any apparent aerial phenomenon whose cause cannot be easily or immediately identified by the observer. The United States Air Force, which coined the term in 1952, initially defined UFOs as those objects that remain unidentified after scrutiny by expert investigators, though today the term UFO is colloquially used to refer to any unidentifiable sighting regardless of whether it has been investigated. UFO reports increased precipitously after the first widely publicized U.S. sighting, reported by private pilot Kenneth Arnold in June 24 1947, that gave rise to the popular terms "flying saucer" and "flying disc." The term UFO is popularly taken as a synonym for alien spacecraft and generally most discussions of UFOs revolve around this presumption. UFO enthusiasts and devotees have created organizations, religious cults have adopted extraterrestrial themes, and in general the UFO concept has evolved into a prominent mythos in modern culture. Some investigators now prefer to use the broader term unidentified aerial phenomenon (or UAP), to avoid the confusion and speculative associations that have become attached to UFO. Another widely known acronym for UFO in Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian is OVNI (Objeto Volador No Identificado, with variant regional spellings).
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 Project Grudge Documents 1950
 Project Grudge Documents 1950
 Roswell Report - Case Closed
 UFO Report 10 Dec 53, Thule AFB Greenland
 UFO Report 12 Oct 53, Geneva NY
 UFO Report 14 Sept 53, AZ
 UFO Report 30 Sept 53, Silver Springs MD
 UFO Report 6 Aug 53, Bismark ND
 UFO Report 8 Aug 53, Rapid City SD
 UFO Sighting 29 Sept 53, Lawton, OK.pdf
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