• Project 1794 Documents (Saucer-Type Aircraft)

    This sampling of newly released saucer-type aircraft documents contain detailed technical data and drawings related to the work undertaken by AVRO Aircraft Limited for the Air Force under Project 1794. Project 1794 was interested in designing and testing a proposed supersonic vertical take-off and

  • Sputnik 46 Launch and Counter Intelligence Documents

    These documents show details of the intelligence efforts that were undertaken by both the United States and Soviet Union during the Cold War. The first document is full of technical data relating to the launch and subsequent failure of Sputnik 46 in November 1963. The second document shows American

  • Southeast Asia Situation Report June-September 1965

    This release is two associated documents, combined into one for viewing ease, the first document is pages 1-9 and the second document is pages 10-26. These documents contain a plethora of information concerning air and follow-up ground operations conducted in South Vietnam during the June-September

  • Operation Arc Light and Operation Drum Fire I

    This newly declassified document details early SAC Operation Arc Light and Drum Fire I flights against North Vietnamese forces.  Information concerning number of aircraft, aircraft losses, aircraft aborts, and analysis of how many bombs were delivered. These operational details show the power that

  • Vietnam Strategy Discussion April 1965

    This document pertains to debates about Vietnam strategy in April 1965, and contains General Yudkins view on what the objectives should be and the problems that they face in implementing that strategy. The document also contains an antidote attributed to General George Marshall about the problems

  • Air Defense Alert 1950

    This newly declassified document shows the reporting procedure for radar contacts that were approaching the United States during the Early Cold War,To find the documents click on War and Conflicts found on the main page under the declassified documents tab or click  here to go directly to the

  • Project Grudge Documents

    The Air Force Declassification Office is pleased to release records on Project Grudge, which was part of the Air Force effort to investigate Unidentified Flying Object reports starting in 1949.  These documents contain reporting procedures, planned responses to press and public inquiry, and